Carpet Flooring in Burke, VA

Choosing the best carpet is really about knowing the right combination of characteristics, aesthetics, performance, and budget to best meet the needs of your lifestyle. For example, looped Berbers and high twist friezes perform wonderfully in high traffic areas in your home, but an elegant Saxony in the same area may show footprints.

Floors & Designs, LLC is here to help you make the best choice of carpet flooring in Burke, VA. We’ll send a flooring specialist to your location for a free estimate with a variety of samples for you to choose from.

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Berber Cut-Pile
A fresh take on Berber with a plush look, Berber cut-pile feels thick underfoot and adds personality to any room through beautifully crafted and colored yarns. This carpet suits casual rooms and kids’ rooms, with subtle color flecks that hide soil between cleanings.

Berber Loop-Pile and Multilevel Loop
A wool-like carpet with a rugged loop surface, this carpet wears well and suits casual rooms with lots of traffic and activity as well as contemporary, country, or cottage furnishings. With its natural, handcrafted appearance, it also creates a warm, personal atmosphere and helps hide footprints and vacuum marks.

A cut-and-loop pile carpet with discernible carved definition spices up floor surfaces with accent colors and suits both formal and contemporary settings. From soft tonal combinations to bolder color mixes, this carpet hides soil and stains with multicolor effects and looks great between vacuuming.

This refined cut-pile surface ideal for traditionally styled living and dining rooms adds a distinctive elegance to any room. Lending a smooth, soft finish, this carpet shows subtle highlights and accents.

Textured Plush
A cut-pile carpet that works in a variety of settings and styles hides footprints and vacuum marks. Adding casual beauty to any room, textured plush is a great whole-house carpet and works well for busy households.

Knowing the fibers available will help you make the best choice for your gathering rooms, bedrooms, and home offices.


  • Durable, resilient
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Wide selection of colors
  • Favorably priced
  • Must be treated to resist stains and soil

PET Polyester

  • Clarity in color; colorfast
  • Resists water-soluble stains
  • Luxurious feel

Triexta PTT

  • Permanent stain protection
  • Resists wear
  • Easy maintenance
  • Dries quickly
  • Luxurious feel

Olefin Polypropylene

  • Resists fading, chemicals, moisture, and stains
  • Limited color selection
  • Generates static electricity
  • Favorably priced